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About Product

Step 1: Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands. Then make sure you are holding the correct side of the lens.

Step 2: Hold up your upper eyelid and pull down your lower lid, then use the index finger to gently place the lens.

Step 3: Look up and down, left and right after putting the lens in so that it will settle into place, then close your eye in a while.

Step 4: Do again for the other eye through simple steps!

Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes.

Step 2:Use your clean hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, then pull up your upper eyelid.

Step 3:Using your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens gently.

Step 4:Look up and slide the lens down gently so that the lens will be kept in your eye, then pinch it off onto your finger. Do it again for the other eye.

Yes! All of them are available with a prescription. If you have normal eyesight or you simply need a decoration, choose -0.00.

Consult your eye doctor to confirm the diopter counts before ordering.

Due to variable factors, such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, original eye color/ eye shape/ makeup, etc, the color of the lenses may vary and look different. Such cases should be acceptable.

Kindly Remind: Please contact us within 24 hours after you have received your lenses if you have any doubts about your lenses. Please don’t forget to enclose the lens picture so that we can check for you.

Please soak your lenses in a care solution that is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently.

Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experiences, such as irritation, dry eyes,blurry vision, etc

To learn more info, please go to How to wear/take off contact lens.

1.Always wash your hands before wearing, removing, or handling your contact lenses.

2.Do not lend, borrow or share used contact lenses, otherwise, it may lead to infection or even blindness to the eyes.

3.Please take off your lenses before sleeping.

4.Insert lenses before putting make-up on around eyes and take off lenses before taking make-up off.

5.Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.

6. New contact wearer wears less than 4 hours a day. When your eyes are adapted to the lenses, you can wear them longer, but do not exceed 8 hours a day.

1.Clean and disinfect the lens with moderate care solution (Place the contact in the palm of your hand. Wet your lenses with a few drops of care solution and carefully rub the lenses).

2.Use fresh care solution each time and discard solution from lens case after each use.

3.Remember to change the solution regularly if you do not wear the lens often.

4.Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation effectively.

5.Keep the lens away from sharp objects because the lenses are very thin and vulnerable.

About Order

Our staffs work speedily to get all orders processed and shipped out, therefore we are unable to change anything once orders have been processed, such as shipping details, the quantity of an item, color, and diopter counts.

Please make sure all the information is correct when you checkout.

It will take 10-20 days for shipment in a normal situation. Actually, we are unable to control the shipping speed, it depends on the destination country handling time.

For more information, please check our Shipping Policy

1.All the placed orders will be processed and dispatched within 48 hours. Some items with high prescription and shortage may experience possibly delayed dispatch for 2-3 days because of customization and stocking. Please understand.

2.Get your tracking number through your own account, and Track your Order HERE

It is a pity that we do not provide exchange service for anyone. If your order has any faulty or issue, contact us within 24 hours once you get the parcel.

Please turn to the Return/Refund Policy and get more details.

Our customer service team will solve your problems as soon as possible.

If the goods have any faulty and issue with your order when you get the parcel, contact us within 24 hours!

Please enclose the picture and tell us the details of the issue, we will check and solve it for you as soon as possible.