Color Your Eyes

When Jessie Blue brown Meet Shallow Brown

Art In Your Eyes.

When Jessie Blue brown Meet Purple Stardust Blue
MISS Mitata Series

Express the life attitude of independence, being able to express yourself in whatever way that you like, solid choice to find your passion and live it.

Venice Charm Series

Inspired from European Venice carnival culture with the mask as a symbol. Communication starts with eye contacting to express our feeling and cheer to your heart content.

Starry Moonlight Series

Inspired from Greek mythology, the romantic love story

between moon goddess LUNA and shepherd boy.

Solid Choice to express your romance.

Great Musician Series

Inspired by symphony, when your life of music plays, MITATA always stand by your side to witness your growing and transformation of your life

Non-ionic Series

HEMA as classic material, specially designed for the people with sensitive eye. Protect your eyes in a comprehensive way, ART IN YOUR EYE.

Art in Your Eyes

MITATA, begins with discovering the contact among eyes in 2013. Gradually, it forms the eye makeup brand which combines art aesthetics and glamour.We polish every pair of colored contact lenses to ensure the comfort and healthy of your eyes.
Shine Your Eyes, Your Eyes do Speak.

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